About me

Since a young age, the world of fashion and glitz enticed me. The power to transform oneself and enhance our natural beauty was enchanting. That was the beginning of my journey to become the most preferred and best makeup artist in Chennai. Ever since, I taught myself how to perform the art of make-up whenever I got the chance.

From experimenting on myself to convincing friends and family members to lend their face for the trial, I slowly but confidently ventured into taking up small projects for the fashion world and make-up for special occasions.

My passion for makeup is not just to add colour and shades to the skin. I strongly believe that makeup should compliment a person’s natural skin and highlight or enhance it in a positive way using the techniques that work best for each individual. Makeup should highlight a person’s natural facial features. All in all, I strive to not only make a person look good, but make them feel good, enhance their natural personality and add to their exuberance, because looking good is not just a cosmetic addition, but a reassurance for one’s attitude and personality.


This interest became my lifelong passion once I completed a course on Professional Hairstyling and Make-up from the Bollywood Hollywood International Academy in Mumbai. There, I had the opportunity and privilege to train under beauty industry behemoths like the Hollywood celebrity makeup artist Donald Rimrock, Brazilian makeup expert Junior Quieros, Canadian celebrity makeup expert Cassandra Kehren, South American celebrity makeup artist Flavia Giu and bridal expert Akriti Sachdev. I also completed a master class in Malaysia, in Bridal Makeup, Hairstyling and Saree draping under the expert guidance of Jastina. This gave me the skill set and confidence to become a professional makeup artist.

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